Wire and Cable: Untangling Complex Environmental Issues

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Wiring doesn’t get a lot of attention in the green building world, and the industry assures us that the materials used to make it are safe. EBN's Alex Wilson uncovers evidence to the contrary. He also describes how new codes requiring that abandoned cables be removed should help over time, but may contribute to a lead-dust hazard in the short term.


Greenbuild and Emissions
Walter Simpson argues that donated carbon dioxide credits don’t mean much, and that USGBC should charge its Greenbuild attendees a "green fee" to offset emissions.

Flammability and Nysan Shade Screening
The Vinyl Institute’s Tim Burns questions the fire resistance of PVC-free Shades, and Nysan clarifies their formula.


Apollo Alliance Aims for Energy Independence
Transitioning to renewable energy would save money while creating over three million high-wage jobs, argues a new coalition.

EPA Launches SmartWay Transport Partnership
A new program targets fuel use and pollution resulting from America’s trucks and trains.

LEED for Existing Buildings Out for Comments
USGBC has released a draft version of LEED-EB for comments from Council members. Some innovative new credits and metrics constitute a significant departure from the LEED-EB pilot program.



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Toyotomi’s Wall-Vented, Oil-Fired Space Heater
This efficient heater, which runs on either No. 2 heating oil or kerosene, vaporizes the fuel and burns the vapor, rather than directly burning the liquid fuel.

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Two New Books on Green Homes
"Good Green Homes: Creating Better Homes for a Healthier Planet" and "Green by Design: Creating a Home for Sustainable Living," both from Gibbs Smith Publishers, use inspirational case studies to introduce green building to homeowners.