Which Grass is Greener? Comparing Natural and Artificial Turf

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The lawn has come to symbolize America even more than apple pie. But a dark side lurks behind the lawn; irrigation, pesticides, fertilizers, and regular mowing have made the typical lawn an environmental disaster. Some see a solution in artificial turf, but could plastic grass really be greener than the real thing?


Plastic Lumber Phases In as CCA Phases Out
John Jansen, of the plastic-lumber company Wishbone Industries, says business is booming since CCA was phased out.

Forbo Responds on Indoor Emissions from Linoleum
Forbo president Denis Darragh discusses linoleum’s poor performance in the California Integrated Waste Management Board IAQ study.


Pentagon Warns About Rapid Climate Change
A recent Department of Defense report explores the potentially catastrophic national-security implications of rapid climate change.

New Center for Green Building Research Proposed
The Electric Power Research Institute and Lawrence Berkeley Lab plan a research center to study the environmental and health benefits of green buildings.

Six Green-Solutions Companies Form a Sustainability Consortium
Philips Lighting, Forbo Flooring, the Invironmentalists, Johnson Controls, Johnson Diversey, and Milliken Carpets have teamed up to form the Alliance for Sustainable Built Environments.



Awards & Competitions

Cradle to Cradle “C2C Home” Awards
The Roanoke Regional Housing Network is planning C2C Home, an international housing design competition based on the principles laid out in "Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things."

2004 Northeast Green Building Awards

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The winners of this annual competition were announced at the Building Energy conference in Boston. Prizes were awarded to "Places of Learning," "Places of Work—Large Buildings," Places of Work—Small Buildings," and "Places to Live."

Product Review

Solar- and Wind-Powered Outdoor Lighting from MoonCell
This light fixture provides off-grid illumination using both solar and wind power.

From the Library

Rainwater Harvesting for the Mechanically Challenged
This guide to residential rainwater collection is packed with good information from experienced authors.