Making the Case for Green Building

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The benefits of green building range from reduced infrastructure and faster lease-out to improved health and easier employee recruiting. There are lots of reasons to build green, and this article lays out 46 of them to help you make the case!


Recycling Saves Energy
Rosario Marin, chair of the California Integrated Waste Management Board, weighs in on the benefits of recycling.


USGBC Awards First Platinum Pre-Certification in LEED-CS Pilot
The U.S. Green Building Council is pre-certifying green core-and-shell projects, and two in China are setting the pace.

Architecture Schools Now Required to Teach Sustainable Design
The National Architectural Accrediting Board has added sustainable design to its criteria for approving degree programs.

Washington Passes First State Law Requiring LEED
Washington will now require LEED Silver certification for all major projects built with public funds.



Awards & Competitions

NAHB Announces 2005 Green Building Awards

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This year’s awards, given to projects, businesses, programs, and individuals, recognize a range of green building initiatives.

Product Review

Non-Chemical Water Treatment for Cooling Towers
The Dolphin Series from Clearwater Systems cleans cooling-tower water using pulsed electromagnetic fields in place of harsh chemicals.

Underwater Timber Salvage
An Oregon company pulls sinker logs from the bottom of the Columbia River Basin, removing navigational hazards while salvaging a long-lost resource.

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From the Library

Green Remodeling: Changing the World One Room at a Time
Written by David Johnston and Kim Master, this accessible and comprehensive book shows how the inherently resource-efficient industry of remodeling can become even more environmentally responsible.