Behind the Logos: Understanding Green Product Certifications

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The number of environmental product standards and certifications is growing rapidly, putting numerous different "green" logos on products. This article reviews the key programs and evaluates their rigor, and offers guidance in using them to accomplish project goals.


High Perceived Cost of Green Persists, Says Survey
Three recent surveys offer insight into the growing green building industry. One found that, despite evidence to the contrary, perceptions about the high cost of green remain unchanged.

EPA Partnership Focuses on Commercial Refrigeration
GreenChill, a new partnership between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, supermarkets, and equipment manufacturers, aims to improve refrigeration technology, save energy, and eliminate the use of ozone-depleting refrigerants.

Healthcare May Take LEED in New Directions
The draft of the LEED for Healthcare covers new ground for a LEED rating sytem, including requiring integrated design and offering a credit for avoiding certain chemicals. If approved by the members of the U.S. Green Building Council, these concepts may find their way into other LEED rating systems.



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Beneficial Bacteria Reduce Urinal Water Use
The Ecoblue Cube uses beneficial bacteria to convert conventional flushing urinals to virtually waterless operation without significant installation costs, and avoiding the common pitfalls of waterless urinals.

PlybooPure is Formaldehyde Free

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The PlybooPure line of bamboo flooring and panel products from Smith & Fong uses a polyisocyanurate binder, making it urea-formaldehyde-free.

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Solar Reflectance Index and Cool Roofs
Understanding reflectivity and emissivity of roofing materials is important to evaluating their effect on cooling loads and the urban heat island effect.

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