Water Policies: Encouraging Conservation

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Conserving water goes beyond building design and technology. Water use is governed by federal, state, and local policies, from maximum flow requirements to pricing structures that encourage or discourage conservation.

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Sustainable Design Leaders Explore Their Profession
With BuildingGreen's help, a group of sustainable design directors met in Colorado Springs to discuss this growing profession.


Certified Wood Credit in LEED Gets Makeover
After more than two years of work, the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has proposed a major change for certified wood in its LEED Rating System.

The Challenge of Creating Living Buildings
As the first buildings attempt to meet the Living Building Challenge, the difficulties of designing and building to such a rigorous standard are becoming apparent.

California Adopts Voluntary Green Building Standards
The first state to do so, California has adopted voluntary green building standards that will become mandatory in 2011.

Groups Set Mercury Limits for Flyash in Concrete
Fears about mercury content in coal flyash used as recycled content in concrete are leading to new rules in green building rating systems.



Product Review

Masonite Offers Straw-Core Door With No Added Urea-Formaldehyde
Masonite’s Safe ‘N Sound Emerald door features a wheat-straw core, FSC-certified veneers, and adhesives with no added urea-formaldehyde.

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LEDs Get Energy Star Label, Amid Controversy
Just before a Department of Energy standard for Energy Star LEDs becomes effective, the Environmental Protection Agency announced its own standard, taking the industry by surprise.

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Vapor Retarders and Air Barriers: Managing Moisture in Building Envelopes

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Air barriers, which prevent air leakage, and vapor retarders, which control moisture diffusion, are both important for controlling moisture in a building envelope.