Passive House Arrives in North America: Could It Revolutionize the Way We Build?

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The Passive House standard, imported from Germany, sets a high bar for energy performance in buildings. But some see it as inflexible and inappropriate for some U.S. climates.


Chemicals Are Safe
The American Chemistry Council responds to our feature article on chemicals in green building products.


Standard 189 Integrated into New Green Construction Code
In a surprise move, two competing initiatives with commercial green building codes, IGCC and Standard 189, have come together.

Greening Greenbuild
Starting in 2010, Greenbuild exhibitors must comply with mandatory green guidelines.

Clearing the Way for Water Savings in Plumbing Codes
A new green supplement to the Uniform Plumbing and Mechanical Codes will enable more creative water-savings strategies while allowing jurisdictions to regulate their safety.

Federal Support for Sustainable Communities Grows
A partnership between three federal agencies, designed to facilitate sustainability planning, is bearing fruit, and may see a large funding increase in 2011.

New "Fuel Mileage" Label for Homes
The Energy Performance Score is a new energy labeling system for homes that shows estimated total energy consumption, allowing consumers to compare homes the way they do cars.



Product Review

Active Chilled Beams: Saving Energy and Space

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Active chilled beams use a combination of chilled water, finned heat-exchanger coils, and ventilation air to induce air flows that supply cooling and heating in commercial buildings.

Product News

Master Painters Institute's New "Extreme Green" Standard
MPI has released a new standard with tight restrictions on volatile organic compounds.

SAGE Electrochromics to Scale Up With $72 Million DOE Loan Guarantee
The makers of SageGlass electrochromic glazing will expand production with the help of a $72 million loan guarantee from the Department of Energy.

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Permaculture for Urban Design
Permaculture promotes food production and nurtures ecological systems in both rural and urban environments.