Solar Thermal Hot Water, Heating, and Cooling

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By creating heat instead of electricity, solar thermal achieves three times the efficiency of photovoltaics at a lower price.

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EBN Resources to Support the Classroom and the Syllabus
EBN is expanding its classroom support options. These include a sample syllabus, classroom or homework discussion questions for our feature articles, and continuing education credit opportunities for AIA and USGBC.

Interface Chairman Ray Anderson Remembered
EBN remembers Ray Anderson, founder of carpet maker Interface, for his pioneering efforts to make the carpet industry more sustainable.


Composting Is Winner in Food Waste Disposal Study
What’s the greenest way to deal with food waste? If you really can’t eat it, compost it.

Want a Net-Zero Home? Be a Net-Zero Family
A superinsulated house with PV is a great start, but whether you achieve net-zero depends on how you live in it.



Product Review

The World’s Most Efficient Solar Thermal Collector?

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The Ritter XL solar thermal system combines the most efficient technology to generate hot water for commercial, multifamily, and district heating.

Porous Plus: Eco-Tek Pavers Include Regional Slag
Eco-Tek porous pavers offer recycled and regional content in addition to stormwater management.

Lightweight Drywall: More from Less
New lightweight drywall achieves up to 30% weight savings, easing installer fatigue and reducing transportation energy costs.

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You've heard of persistent toxic chemicals, and bioaccumulation, but what do these things really mean, and what do they do?