Doing Daylighting Right

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Harvesting daylight is a popular way to save energy and promote productivity. But getting it wrong is all too easy—and can have the opposite effects.


Green Buildings Should Bounce Back, Says Resilience Report
Does climate adaptation mean we're giving up the fight against global warming? No, says USGBC: resilience and green building go hand in hand.

Zero-Energy Buildings Attainable Across Climates, Researchers Say
Zero-energy commercial buildings are becoming more mainstream and don’t need to cost more, according to a recent report from the New Buildings Institute.

Worker Safety on LEED Projects Questioned
A 2009 study found no difference in worker safety on LEED projects, but a new study asks what factors might make LEED construction sites less safe, drawing a link from design to worker safety.



Product Review

For New Alkyd Paints, Oil and Water Do Mix
Waterborne alkyd paints offer the durability, cleanability, and scratch resistance of conventional alkyd paints without toxic solvents and cleaners, high VOC levels, or disposal problems.

Curtainwalls Aren’t Efficient—But They’re Improving
With advanced curtainwall systems, energy concerns and aesthetics find common ground—but we still need to handle glass with care.

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Radon Risks and Prevention

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Radon, the second leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S., can get into our homes and bodies without us knowing it—and its presence doesn't depend on geology or locale.