Getting Flame Retardants Out of Foam Insulation

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In an effort to eliminate the use of halogenated flame retardants, building code changes are being proposed by a group of fire experts, architects, chemists, and environmentalists.


Green Building Sees Growth, But Fewer Firms Pursue LEED
As the economic benefits of green building become clear, firms move away from “doing the right thing” as the top reason for their work.

I’m Feeling Healthy: Google Gives $3 Million for Toxicity R&D
Google shares its wealth and expertise to support healthy building materials.

New Index Could Bring New Investors to Green Building
Green property indices provide new ways for investors to target socially responsible real estate.



Product Review

Template-Assisted Crystallization: Scale Prevention Without Salt

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Template Assisted Crystallization, a physical water treatment alternative to water softeners, prevents scale while avoiding major environmental drawbacks.

Making Wall Outlets Safer—and Smarter
In addition to protecting against electric shock and fire, SafePlug uses RFID tags to help track energy use from individual appliances and turn them on and off remotely.

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Obesogens—A Fatty Issue
A number of common chemicals are being found to influence the development of fat cells and contribute to obesity.