Waste Water, Want Water

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Options for small-scale, onsite wastewater treatment and reuse are improving—but can we solve a global crisis one building at a time?


Study: Learning Can Be Harmed by Classroom Design
A new study from England identifies six design parameters with significant impacts on student performance.



Sprout Space: A Healthier Choice for “Temporary” Classrooms
Sprout Space provides an affordable, healthier alternative to mobile classrooms, most of which get used for more than five years.


Product Review

BioBarrier Offers New Approach to Treating Wastewater Onsite
BioBarrier MBR creates high-quality effluent from wastewater that can be reused in non-potable applications.

Sika: Submetering Water at the Fixture Level
New fixture-level water meters could be an affordable retrofit for gathering data on building-wide water consumption.

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Water Budgets: A Holistic Look at Efficiency

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Developing a water budget for a building can identify opportunities for savings that might otherwise go unnoticed.