Energy Modeling: Early and Often

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For the biggest energy and cost savings, model early in design and model often, say the experts.


Controversial Study Probes Reasons for Climate Bill’s Failure
Who’s to blame for the death of cap-and-trade? And what can environmentalists learn from this failure?

Making Sense of LEED’s New Formaldehyde Ruling
Does LEED's new ruling allowing added urea formaldehyde in some circumstances conflict with its Low-Emitting Materials credit?



Product Review

Energy Benefits of Temperfect Chair Take Backseat to Comfort
Like being in the hot seat? This office chair provides comfort with less energy than a space heater.

Large-Format Porcelain Panels: Thin Is Beautiful
Porcelain panels provide durability in large, flexible panels that can be used for exterior cladding or interior walls, countertops, or other solid surfaces.

BackPage Primer

Sustainability: Too Much or Not Enough?

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The drive toward sustainable design is a long one. Are we there yet?