Innovations in Water Conservation Products

The first annual WaterSmart Innovations Conference in October 2008 brought 1,200 attendees to Las Vegas, the driest and one of the fastest growing major cities in America. The exhibition featured 120 companies showing off their water conservation products. We review ten of the most exciting here.

Pre-rinse spray valves are huge water users in commercial kitchens (see EBN Vol. 17, No. 2). A Seattle company has introduced an alternative that uses no water and allows food waste to be collected for composting. Eco-Vac EV-200 is a pre-cleaning station with a vacuum tube that sucks food waste off plates and cookware, sending that compostable waste to a bucket lined with a biodegradable plastic bag. For heavy build-up, there’s a button that releases a small amount of biodegradable degreaser.


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