Just Don’t Call It a Carpet Tile

J&J Flooring Group, manufacturers of modular and broadloom carpet for commercial applications, recently introduced Kinetex, a soft-surface floor covering that blends attributes of hard surfaces (such as low first cost) and carpet (comfort and acoustics) to create a unique, hybrid flooring material for use in offices, hospitals, conference centers, and similar medium- to high-traffic applications. Officially launched at NeoCon in June 2013, Kinetex was designed primarily as an alternative to hard-surface flooring, but it also compares favorably with standard carpet tiles on environmental points.

The product of more than 15 years of development, “Kinetex is the first new category of flooring that’s been introduced in 10 years if not longer,” trumpets Keith Gray, director of product innovation at J&J Flooring Group. The 24" x 24" semi-rigid tiles are thinner, weigh less, and are less expensive than most standard carpet tiles—at approximately 0.20" thick compared to 0.25"–0.60"—and have a tough, woven-fiber-surface wear layer. Though Kinetex shares some similar materials to carpet, “We go out of our way to make sure people don’t think of this as a carpet,” he said.


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