Finding Products for LEED v4—A Guide

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If you’re accustomed to looking for products that earn LEED points by checking boxes for recycled content, regional materials, and other single attributes used in previous versions of LEED, the MR category in LEED v4 can be pretty disorienting. To get into the right mindset, it helps to step back and see the big picture—where the building industry is now and where the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) hopes to move it over the next few years.

As it has made particularly clear in energy and water categories, USGBC (with some nudging from its critics) is pushing LEED toward a focus on building performance. And just as USGBC wants to see LEED stand for energy-efficient building performance, it also wants to make sure that we are truly improving the environmental and health performance of our building material selections. That’s a longer-term trajectory, however, and USGBC sees the need for stepping stones, which it has carefully placed within LEED v4’s materials-related credits.


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