New LED Technology With Improved Color Quality

Over the past few years, the energy performance of LED lighting has improved, and the costs have dropped, but most LEDs still fall short of their incandescent counterparts in overall light quality. In applications where light quality is truly critical—such as those that use MR16 (for multifaceted reflector 16 cm) lamps for commercial directional lighting—standard LEDs may not be good enough. A new LED technology from Soraa, however, could change that, with MR16 LED replacement lamps that offer the light quality of halogens, efficacies comparable to those of standard LEDs, and a number of other unique benefits.

Almost all mass-produced LED lamps are made by depositing gallium nitride (GaN) onto a sapphire or silicon carbide substrate, but “there is a fundamental mismatch between the deposited layer and the substrate,” according to Clifton Lemon, marketing manager at Soraa. In other words, the inherent dissimilarity in those materials is a weak link that limits their performance, particularly when the LED chip becomes stressed under the high heat conditions in luminaires.


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