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PDFs currently available for download

Building Products: What Makes a Product Green?
From EBN Volume 9, Issue 1 (revised January, 2006)

This article examines the question of what makes a building product or building material "green." The criteria laid out here form the basis of product selection for the GreenSpec(R) Directory, published by BuildingGreen, Inc. The article describes 27 criteria divided into six broad categories: products made from salvaged, recycled, or agricultural waste content; products that conserve natural resources; products that avoid toxic or other emissions; products that reduce environmental impacts during construction, demolition, or renovation; products that save energy or water; and products that contribute to a safe, healthy indoor environment.

Establishing Priorities with Green Building
From EBN Volume 4, Issue 5 (revised May, 2001)

We can rarely do everything we would like to reduce the environmental impact of building projects. Researching alternative design and construction systems takes time, new materials may not have proven track records, costs may be an impediment; and clients simply might not be interested. Therefore, it makes sense to figure out where our efforts will do the most good. Where should we focus our attention to design and build structures with minimal impact on the environment? This article provides some background on establishing priorities then lays out EBN's 11 top priorities with green building--from #1, "Save Energy - Design and build energy efficient buildings" to #11, "Green Up Your Business - Minimize the environmental impact of your own business practices and spread the word."

Checklist for Environmentally Responsible Design and Construction
From EBN Volume 1, Issue 2 (revised 2001)

This checklist introduces the complex topic of green building as a series of guiding principles and specific strategies. The 38 suggestions are divided into five categories: design, site issues, materials, equipment, and business practices. Revised many times since its first publication in 1992, tens of thousands of copies of this concise checklist have been distributed.

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