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California Adopts Voluntary Green Building Standards

Groups Set Mercury Limits for Flyash in Concrete

Regional Standards for Air-Conditioners in the Works

Department of Energy Focuses on Net-Zero Commercial Buildings

Members-only Product News and Reviews

Masonite Offers Straw-Core Door With No Added Urea-Formaldehyde
Masonite's Safe 'N Sound Emerald door features a wheat-straw core, FSC-certified veneers, and adhesives with no added urea-formaldehyde.

LEDs Get Energy Star Label, Amid Controversy

Building-Integrated Wind Arrives at Logan International Airport

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Featured Events

Successful Strategies for Achieving Green Hospitals
  Austin, TX
 October 9
This conference delves into implementing green practices at hospitals,including financial issues. Contact Gia Bosch ( and mention this bulletin for a registration discount.

Healthcare Design

 Washington, D.C.
 November 8-11
Over eighty sessions and workshops focus on how the design of responsible built environments directly impacts the safety, operation,and clinical outcomes of healthcare facilities.

Events Calendar

31st World Energy Engineering Congress
 Washington, DC
 October 1-3

2008 Campus & Community Sustainability Conference
 Orlando, FL
 October 19-21

2008 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo
 Boston, MA
 November 19-21

September 2008

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Environmental Building News (EBN)
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Quote of the Month
"We don't make anything in this country anymore."

- Skip Backus of the Omega Institute, on meeting the regional materials requirements of the Living Building Challenge

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Water Policies: Encouraging Conservation

Lawns in the desert
Conserving water goes beyond building design and technology. Water use is governed by federal, state, and local policies, from maximum flow requirements to pricing structures that encourage or discourage conservation.

This Month's Primer
Vapor Retarders and Air Barriers: Managing Moisture in Building Envelopes
Air barriers, which prevent air leakage, and vapor retarders, which control moisture diffusion, are both important for controlling moisture in a building envelope.

Case Study Highlight
New Holland Apartments, Danville, IL

New Holland Apartments, Danville, ILThe New Holland Apartments offer 46 low-rent apartments located in a National Registered Historic Building that was abandoned and in disrepair.

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Mickey's hurrican gearHurricane Disney: Stormstruck in Orlando