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Who's Gonna Change the World?

Bill Reed speaking of changing the world

Shipping Container Housing

Alex Wilson's Notes from Sweden #4: CHP and District Heating


Energy Bill Containing the 2030 Challenge Targets is Signed by the President
The Energy Independence and Security Act became law yesterday with the President's signature. Section 433 of this bill requires that all federal buildings meet the energy performance standards of The 2030 Challenge.
Architecture 2030 news

BuildingGreen Suite Green Building Calendar

January 17, 2008
Natick, Massachusetts
Geothermal Design 101: Design Overview

January 25 - 28, 2008
Eugene, Oregon
3rd Annual Good Earth Home, Garden & Living Show

January 31 - February 01, 2008
Indianapolis, Indiana
Indiana Building Green Symposium 2008
December 2007
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Featured New GreenSpec Listing
Oasis QT Improves Speech Privacy in Office Environments
Cambridge Sound Management's Oasis QT is a plug-and-play technology that uses a narrow range of frequencies to mask human speech. The Oasis QT is about as loud as an office HVAC system and its emitters can be installed in ceiling tiles or directly on beams, furniture, or fixtures. The Oasis QT meets ASTM E1130 for speech privacy and allows for an open office layout that uses resource-efficient lighting and fewer materials.

Select New GreenSpec Listings
Roseburg Offers its SkyPly Veneer-Core Hardwood Plywood with Urea Formaldehde-Free Adhesive

EcoDomo's Recycled Leather Tiles Use Binder From Acacia Tree Bark   

iBeam Construction Cameras Allow Builders to Monitor and Track Jobsite Progress

Certainteed Offers Ecophon Fiberglass Acoustic Ceilings with 70% Recycled Content

Coming up in the January 2008 Environmental Building News
The number of environmental product standards and certifications is exploding, creating numerous different "green" logos appearing on products. Which ones are meaningful and trustworthy? EBN will review the key programs out there and help you navigate them.
EBN reviews a product that converts flushing urinals to waterless operation, without the usual pitfalls of waterless urinals, and our BackPage Primer explores what makes a roof "cool."

Case Study Highlight
30 Hudson Street

Goldman Sachs' 30 Hudson Sreet, built directly on the shore of the Hudson River and overlooking lower Manhattan, is the tallest building in New Jersey. Located on a brownfield site on the southern end of the Colgate Redevelopment Area, 30 Hudson is accessible by the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail as well as the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

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