Green Product Category: Flooring & Floorcoverings

Flooring and floorcoverings are subject to physical abuse from feet and heavy objects, and because they’re the lowest spot in a room, they tend to collect dirt, moisture, and other contaminants.

A good flooring material should be very durable—to reduce the frequency of replacement—and it should be easy to clean. At the same time, softer surfaces may be preferred for reasons of comfort, noise absorption, and style, setting up a potential conflict in choices. Raw material and manufacturing impacts must also be considered with many types of carpeting and other floorcoverings.

Access Flooring (8 Articles, 10 products)
Acoustical Underlayment (3 Articles, 3 products)
Athletic Flooring (1 Article, 8 products)
Backing Boards and Underlayments (4 Articles, 14 products)
Bamboo Flooring (5 Articles, 12 products)
Brick Flooring (3 products)
Carpet Cushion (5 Articles, 10 products)
Carpet Recycling (17 Articles)
Carpet Tile (38 Articles, 15 products)
Cementitious Underlayment (2 products)
Concrete Finishing (2 Articles, 20 products)
Cork Flooring (3 Articles, 10 products)
Entryway Mats and Frames (4 Articles, 9 products)
Flooring Adhesives (3 Articles, 7 products)
Flooring Underlayment (1 Article, 15 products)
Fluid-Applied Flooring (4 products)
Resilient Flooring (2 Articles, 24 products)
Resilient Sheet Flooring (10 Articles, 9 products)
Resilient Tile Flooring (8 Articles, 9 products)
Sheet Carpet (29 Articles, 13 products)
Subflooring (8 Articles, 20 products)
Suppressed Wood Flooring (1 Article, 1 product)
Terrazzo Floor Tile (1 Article, 3 products)
Terrazzo Flooring Aggregate (2 products)
Thin-Set Tiling (2 products)
Tiling (1 Article, 20 products)