Green Attributes

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Responsible Sourcing

Post-consumer recycled content (433 listings)
Certified wood (169)
Pre-consumer recycled content (274)
Uses agricultural waste (29)
Biobased and sustainably sourced (195)

Efficient Use of Materials

Salvaged content (90)
Reduces material use (80)
Durable or low-maintenance (313)

Low-Impact Operations

Reduces pesticide treatments (33)
Reduces stormwater pollution (110)
Reduces construction impacts (133)
Reduces operational pollution or waste (139)

Energy and Water Conservation

Reduces heating and cooling loads (521)
Energy-conserving equipment (577)
Renewable energy equipment (170)
Conserves water (233)

Healthy Buildings

Low-emitting (445)
Prevents moisture or air quality problems (133)
Improves air quality (74)
Avoids hazardous ingredients (175)
Monitors indoor environmental quality (18)
Improves light quality (90)
Improves acoustical performance (42)

Sustainable Industry, Resilient Communities

Information transparency (61)
Increases resilience (181)
Enhances community well-being (85)
Provides connection to nature (13)