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BuildingGreen co-sponsors two lists, one for issues that arise in building single-family dwellings, and one for larger buildings.

Green Building Discussion
Green Building is a forum for anyone interested in green building issues. The intent of this forum is to discuss and promote green building principles and practices on projects of all types.

Big Green Discussion
Big Green is a forum for the exchange of information and ideas specific to building types other than single-family houses, with a particular focus on large buildings.

Other Useful Resources
Alex Wilson's Senate testimony on high-performance schools
The president of BuildingGreen, Inc. testified before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee on how to design schools that improve learning while reducing energy use and costs.

Resources on Green Building from Marc Rosenbaum
Marc Rosenbaum, P.E. is a designer, engineer, and builder of environmentally sound buildings. He has provided us with several articles and memos on specific aspects of sustainable design.

Furnace-Free House Discussion
Donella Meadows, Amory Lovins, and Marc Rosenbaum have generously agreed to share their discussion about the attempt to build a furnace-free house in Vermont.

Best Sustainable Indoor Air Quality Practices In Commercial Buildings
This article by IAQ expert Hal Levin was referenced in several messages, linking air quality objectives with broader environmental criteria for building design, construction, and operation.

The Dangers of Secondary Mold Growth Caused by Improper Remediation of Flooded Buildings
This article by R. David Bierman, REA, discusses the hazards of improper remediation from flood damage.