Sonja Favaloro

Marketing and Communications Director

Sonja Favaloro promotes BuildingGreen’s resources through emails, website engagement, and social media. She wants to contribute to helping designers and builders make a more sustainable world through practical means.

Sonja earned a degree in Environmental Studies from Bates College in Maine. During college, she spent a summer on an eco-village, where she saw and experienced advanced examples of sustainable living. That experience inspires her to support everyone in identifying steps they can take to live more sustainably, more happily, and in vibrant communities. She currently lives in Northampton, Massachusetts, where she enjoys having access both to nature and to arts and culture.

Sonja first learned about green building through a fellowship at the Center for EcoTechnology, where she toured lots of different green buildings, including LEED and Living Building Challenge projects. Through this fellowship, she developed a firm foundation in marketing for mission-driven organizations. Prior to BuildingGreen, she worked at the Organic Trade Association, where she managed their online presence and communications with members.