Comfort & Productivity

Chartwell School puts students first with an emphasis on natural daylighting and other passive comfort strategies.

Photo: Michael David Rose


The days of the windowless box are over!

Why? Because investing in the humans who live, work, play, and heal in our buildings is one of the most cost-effective green design strategies there is. It’s also just common sense: buildings aren’t here for their own sake; they’re here for us.

These resources look at rigorous scientific data on the value of comfort. They also present strategies for focusing on the human element of design and construction—without ever forgetting the importance of conserving water and energy.

  • New Standard 55: 'Cool People, Not Buildings'
    July 21, 2009

    News Brief

    Changes to ASHRAE Standard 55 will allow building operators to turn up fans, instead of air-conditioning, to keep people cool in warm conditions.

  • The Best Indoor LED Luminaires of 2016
    June 6, 2016

    Product Review

    Winners of an annual DOE competition represent some of the best LED lighting for decorative pendants, downlights, and healthcare.