1. Remove “Building Product Disclosure and Optimization” from credit title
2. Option 1: Remove 'in which the manufacturer is explicitly recognized as the participant by the program operator' from Product-specific Type III EPD
3. Option 1 and Option 2: Remove 'USGBC approved program – Products that comply with other USGBC approved environmental product declaration frameworks'.
4. Option 2: In title, replace 'Multi-attribute Optimization' with 'Embodied carbon/LCA Optimization'
5. Replace first two lines in Option 2 as: "Use products that have an embodied carbon optimization report or action plan separate from the LCA or EPD. Reports shall comply with one of the criteria..."
6. Under Option 2, after the line "Products will be valued as below"--insert new table, delete description.
7. Under the table, add note: Reference documents for the optimization reports must be compliant with EPD credit Option 1.

Monday, November 9, 2020
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Monday, March 1, 2021
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