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LEED vs. Green Globes: A Definitive Analysis

Green Globes has a new leader and powerful industry backers. But is it truly “better, faster, cheaper”—or none of the above? We match it up point-by-point with LEED in this special 90-page analysis.

LEED has 37 times more certified projects than Green Globes. LEED recently clocked three billion square feet of space while Green Globes is barely a blip. LEED has close to 200,000 accredited professionals; Green Globes less than 1,000.

But despite all that, interest in Green Globes is at an all-time high, fueled in part by frustration at perceived costs and complications of LEED.

Does Green Globes offer a viable alternative, or is it—as critics have argued—a particularly insidious form of greenwash?

Announcing BuildingGreen’s definitive analysis

If your clients haven’t asked you about Green Globes yet… they will. Are you ready?

As the level of interest, debate, dialogue, and backroom lobbying has increased in pitch, BuildingGreen’s editors have worked feverishly to bring to our members an in-depth, 90-page side by side comparison of the two rating systems: LEED vs. Green Globes: A Definitive Analysis.

How to present the alternatives

LEED vs. Green Globes compares Green Globes 2010, Green Globes 2013, LEED 2009 and LEED v4 on every major credit category. It's the most thorough and objective resource available for helping your clients decide which system best aligns with their values, goals and budgets.

Cost, market perception, and technical rigor

Among the topics the report covers:

  • Which rating system costs more? The surprising answer—and why.
  • Does the onsite assessment in Green Globes add rigor? We share firsthand perspectives.
  • What’s better for the environment? Are there any real differences, or is it all about cost and branding?
  • Is Green Globes actually ANSI-approved, as we hear all the time from its promoters?
  • Can you really walk into a Green Globes building with a lit cigarette? The contrasting approaches of LEED and Green Globes on prerequisites.
  • Just how easy is it to pass the Green Globes Professional (GGP) exam?
  • Who’s a better corporate citizen? Green Globes’ GBI, or USGBC and its LEED rating system?
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