Continuing Education credits for AIA, GBCI, and ILFI

Find BuildingGreen articles, webcasts, and reports approved for continuing educations credits through AIA, GBCI, and ILFI. We will record and automatically report CEU credits for members.

  • Certified Wood: How SFI Compares to FSC

    Feature Article

    FSC-certified wood is ingrained in rating systems like LEED, but rival SFI has a revised standard. Can it show it’s just as good on the issues that matter most?

  • Shoebox Energy Modeling: How to Do Quick, Early Simulations


    Most whole building energy simulations require a mechanical system design, making them unsuitable for early-design modeling. In response, architects and energy modelers are turning to shoebox models, with one or just a few zones.

    Not doing energy modeling yourself? This webcast will familiarize you with concepts that will help you get more out of your energy modeler, whether it is someone on your staff, or an outside consultant.

  • Take Control of Your Materials: Four Empowering Lessons from Teams That Beat the Red List

    Feature Article

    Need to streamline your product vetting process? These LBC project teams have it down to a science, and anyone can apply their methods.

  • Designing Natural Ventilation: Will the Breeze Follow Your Pointy Arrows?


    While airflow analysis isn't part of most building simulations today, it is part of nearly all low-energy buildings. Unfortunately, many architects aren't well-positioned to take advantage of this opportunity because they aren't trained to set up or interpret most airflow models. This webcast will introduce you to new software that enables you to engage more fully with airflow investigations required to validate design strategies.

  • How to Succeed with the Living Building Challenge: 12 Teams Share Tips

    Feature Article

    The bar is high—that’s obvious—but watch out for some surprising pitfalls. Here’s how dedicated teams have tackled Living Building challenges.

  • Cool Products from the Latest Greenbuild Expo

    Feature Article

    We scoured the Greenbuild expo floor for the best new products and the most interesting updates. Then we whittled it down to these standouts.

  • Whole-Building Life Cycle Assessment: Promises and Pitfalls


    Whole-building life-cycle assessment (WBLCA) promises improved performance with reduced environmental impacts. Yet in practice it can bog projects down with confusing or even conflicting priorities, complicated by mountains of data.

    BuildingGreen has arranged for four widely respected practitioners to share their LCA expertise, taking you from big-picture questions—Why should I worry about embodied impacts?—to practical details—How can I get good data on my building's concrete mix?

  • In-House Daylight Modeling: Three Firms Share How They Do It


    Getting consistent results when your artistic medium is the sun and sky can be one of the best design tricks to have up your sleeve—but it's also one of the most difficult to pull off. Is that window bringing in daylight or causing intolerable glare? Do you really know? The three panelists will show how they have used simulation to determine the difference, with overviews of daylighting, glare, and several case studies.

  • Raze or Retrofit? Six Extraordinary Answers to an Everyday Question

    Feature Article

    Saving a building is usually an environmental win, but thoughtful renovation isn’t easy. And there comes a time to tear things down.

  • The PVC Debate


    If, like a lot of people, your head has been spinning over the last decade as PVC has been debated to point where clarity is hard to find, we'll review the key context that underlies this whole debate—and where facts and opinions diverge.