Daylight connects us with the outdoors, provides an essential nutrient, and makes our interior spaces glow with natural beauty. Exposure to bright daylight, even indoors, has been shown to relieve sleep disorders and may contribute to general health and well-being, decreasing absenteeism at both work and school.

Yet daylighting can go awry, resulting in glare, overheating, and loss of productivity. These resources shed light on the benefits of daylighting as well as strategies for doing it right.

  • In-House Daylight Modeling: Three Firms Share How They Do It


    Getting consistent results when your artistic medium is the sun and sky can be one of the best design tricks to have up your sleeve—but it's also one of the most difficult to pull off. Is that window bringing in daylight or causing intolerable glare? Do you really know? The three panelists will show how they have used simulation to determine the difference, with overviews of daylighting, glare, and several case studies.