Energy Efficiency


Our buildings consume more energy than industry or transportation, and we haven’t done a great job of reducing that consumption. We can do better by:

  • monitoring energy use

  • improving building commissioning

  • applying insights from building science

  • selecting innovative HVAC and building envelope technology

  • using natural ventilation and daylighting to provide low-cost alternatives to standard systems

As great as all these ideas are, they won’t be nearly as effective if we don’t engage occupants about energy use as well. Our articles look at all these strategies and more.

  • A Quieter XLerator

    News Analysis

    Excel Dryer now offers a modified nozzle for its XLerator hand dryer that makes the drying process nine or ten decibels quieter.

  • Zurn Introduces Flood of Water-Conserving Products

    Product Review

    Zurn Plumbing Products Group's new offerings include a 1.1-gpf toilet, a dual-flush toilet, a non-water-using urinal, and a dual-flush flushometer valve.