Energy Efficiency


Our buildings consume more energy than industry or transportation, and we haven’t done a great job of reducing that consumption. We can do better by:

  • monitoring energy use

  • improving building commissioning

  • applying insights from building science

  • selecting innovative HVAC and building envelope technology

  • using natural ventilation and daylighting to provide low-cost alternatives to standard systems

As great as all these ideas are, they won’t be nearly as effective if we don’t engage occupants about energy use as well. Our articles look at all these strategies and more.

  • Heat-Pump Water Heaters Ready for Prime Time

    Product Review

    Heat-pump water heaters offer significantly greater water heating efficiency than conventional electric water heaters. EBN takes a look at three new products, along with two existing products and one that is expected out soon.

  • Tankless Water Heaters


    Tankless water heaters have some downsides, but mostly offer advantages over conventional storage water heaters.

  • Navien Condensing Tankless Water Heaters

    Product Review

    Navien's demand water heaters use conventional and condensing stainless steel heat exchangers to produce hot water with an industry-best 0.98 energy factor.

  • Obama Pushes Appliance Efficiency

    News Analysis

    President Obama ordered the U.S. Department of Energy to update federal standards for several residential and commercial appliances by August 2009.

  • Hypewatch: Energy Savings Claims from Power Conditioning Equipment

    Product Review

    Power conditioning devices often promise across-the-board energy savings, but the claims don't hold up in practice. These devices are good, however, for solving specific power quality problems.

  • Panasonic Introduces Vacuum-Insulated Refrigerator

    News Analysis

  • Sealed Blinds from Unicel Offer Flexibility, Low Maintenance

    Product Review

    Vision Control sealed interpane louvers, available with any type of glazing, offer numerous benefits, including energy savings and reduced maintenance compared with other blinds.

  • Mazria Publishes Code Equivalents for 2030 Challenge

    News Analysis

    Architecture 2030 has published a white paper showing the amount by which buildings have to beat various codes to meet the 50% energy reductions called for by the 2030 Challenge. More than a dozen codes and standards are presented, with 20%-30% improvement required for most.

  • Energy-Efficient Water Coolers from Elkay and Halsey Taylor

    Product Review

    Elkay and Halsey Taylor have introduced two pressure water filters, the VRCGRN and HVRGRN, respectively, with improved compressor and bubbler technology that lowers energy and water consumption.

  • Comparing Fuel Costs


    One would think comparing the costs of different heating fuels would be simple, but figuring out the amount heat available in a given quantity of fuel-and the associated cost-can be tricky.