Net-Zero Energy & Renewables

U.S. Department of Energy (public domain)


With alternative energy sources becoming more affordable, we are finally starting to wean ourselves off fossil fuels.

But as the industry expands, there are some growing pains. These systems open up new ways of thinking about our relationship to energy production and consumption, and they impact rating systems such as LEED and Passive House.

The resources found here provide guidance and a better understanding of topics like:

  • net-zero energy

  • thermal energy storage

  • innovative battery systems

  • fuel cells

  • community solar

  • On the Path to Net Zero


    At Leonard Farm, we’ve taken another big step in our quest for net-zero energy and net-zero carbon—but we’re not there yet!

  • Save the Icing for Last


    Before considering high-profile features such as wind turbines and photovoltaic arrays, we should focus on the basics of green building.

  • Get Ready for Fuel Switching


    As the cost of heating fuel rises, utilities must prepare for increased demand as homeowners switch to cheaper electric-resistance heat.