Other Ratings & Standards

Photo: Elekhh. License: CC BY-SA 3.0.


Standards and rating systems have been at the heart of the green building movement at least since U.S. energy standards for buildings (like ASHRAE 90.1) started ratcheting up following the 1970s energy crisis.

If you care about health and sustainability, you can now rely on dozens of ratings and standards for buildings as well as things in and around them, including:

  • Lab protocols for chemical emissions from finishes and furniture

  • Testing methods for durability of paints, textiles, and many other products

  • Standards for energy use, ventilation, thermal comfort, and more

  • Rating systems for schools, healthcare facilities, parking garages, landscapes, and healthy spaces
  • Passive House on Campus: Eight Exemplary Projects

    Spotlight Report

    Over the years, the original Passive House Institute (PHI) certification system has branched out considerably to offer different requirements for different building types, such as offices, hospitals, schools—even swimming pools.

  • Certified Wood Update: Comparing SFI to FSC on Key Forestry and Health Issues


    FSC-certified wood is ingrained in green building rating systems like LEED and the Living Building Challenge, but rival SFI has a revised standard. Can it prove it’s just as good on the issues that matter most?