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Your BuildingGreen peer network membership gives you access to our private webinar series. Presented live every month, these 1-hour webinars will rotate between expanded versions of 5-minute presentations from our in-person Summits, guest experts sharing information on a topic you request, and BuildingGreen presentations on key sustainability topics.

Attending the live event is a great way to connect with your peers, but if you can’t attend, look here for the on-demand version.

Sustainability Knowledge Management

Corey Squire, Lake|Flato

December 2018

Limited access to high-quality, concise, and usable information is the major barrier to the universal adoption of sustainable design. This webinar explores the topic of knowledge management from the perspective of sustainability and show how the strategic curation, organization, and distribution of information can be the most effective strategy for firms to improve the performance across all projects.

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Virtual Reality & Gamification for Building Occupant Training

Heather DeGrella, Opsis Architecture
David Bynum, Bynum Labs

October 2018

In our second BuildingGreen Peer Networks Webinar, Heather DeGrella of Opsis Architecture and David Bynum of Bynum Labs shared their research on how augmented virtual reality and gamification tools can teach building occupants how to operate passive systems efficiently. They created a pre-occupancy training tool called HEATWAVE in which the objective of the game is to work smarter, not harder, and cool the room using as little energy as possible by fully utilizing the passive systems at your disposal.

Learn why this technology and process of pre-occupancy training has the potential to create a new generation of building users that understand and can utilize the passive systems and manage their spaces more efficiently. Heather also offers a sneak peek into her current research on reinventing the building dashboard by bringing it into the realm of Augmented Reality.

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Highlights from the 2018 Summer SDL Summit

Nadav Malin, BuildingGreen

September 2018

In this BuildingGreen Peer Networks webinar, Nadav Malin shared key takeaways from the 11th annual Summer Sustainable Design Leaders Summit (at the Garrison Institute in upstate New York). Participants from the Summit joined us to reconnect with the key themes and share your own perspectives, and those who didn’t attend got to hear the highlights and learn from each other.

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