Policies & Programs

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Whether it’s regulatory pressure or voluntary incentives, there are many external forces that affect green building practices. Here we collect info on everything from local codes to award programs to the internal policies of the federal government.

  • The Evolution of Exit Signs (and Why the Latest is a Bad Idea)

    Feature Article

    Searching for reliable, energy-efficient exit signs, EBN's Alex Wilson explains why photoluminescent exit signs, one of the newest "energy-saving" devices, are one of the worst from a total-energy-use standpoint. The article reviews current technology, including LED and electroluminescent exit signs, and offers recommendations.

  • Greening Your Electricity

    Feature Article

    Many businesses and homeowners are choosing to buy green power, including renewable energy credits (RECs). This article examines the environmental benefits of green power, including on-site renewables, what REC buyers should know about their purchases, and investing in energy conservation.

  • Get a Whiff of This: The Lowdown on Product Emissions Testing

    Feature Article

    Analytical chemistry tools, used together with product testing chambers, are making it possible to "see" product emissions in new ways. Editor Nadav Malin discusses the science behind product emissions testing, the different product certification standards, and what's ahead for this growing field.

  • Treated Wood in Transition: Less Toxic Options in Preserved and Protected Wood

    Feature Article

    Following the recent phaseout of CCA, the dominant wood preservative of the last 30 years, the treated wood industry is in major transition. Some current wood treatment technologies present familiar environmental problems, while less-toxic alternatives are just entering the market.

  • California Is Going Carbon Free

    News Brief

    California has committed to 100% “carbon-free” electricity by 2045, illuminating the vision promoted by the Global Climate Action Summit.


  • Asbestos Rule Is Tip of Chemical Regulation Iceberg

    News Analysis

    The updated Toxic Substances Control Act could be crippled by updated EPA review methods.

  • 2018 AIA COTE Top Ten Build Community

    News Analysis

    The 2018 AIA COTE Top Ten winning projects combine small ecological footprints with big social benefits. 

  • Energy Grades to Be Posted in NYC

    News Brief

    Whether it earns an A or an F, each building in New York City has to display its energy grade.

  • From Ozone Depletion to Global Warming: The Kigali Amendment


    The amendment builds on the Montreal Protocol’s legacy, aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.

  • Trump’s EPA Sets New Rules for Chemicals Under TSCA

    News Brief

    Faster reviews and more industry-friendly risk assessments are among the changes to new TSCA rules.