Product Reviews

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Looking for information on the latest and greatest green building products? Look no further. These resources provide in-depth analysis of industry-leading products that are changing how we design and build.

You will learn about products that:

  • promote material transparency

  • tighten the building envelope

  • save water and energy

  • avoid chemicals of concern

  • enhance productivity

  • improve lighting

And just as significantly, the articles provide context, describing the status quo in the industry and why these products are important.

Not all of these products end up on Top 10 lists, however. In fact, some are exposed as greenwashing poseurs.

  • Pentadyne GTX: Backup Power from a Flywheel

    Product Review

    The Pentadyne GTX supplies short-term power, without the use of lead-acid batteries, to cover the time between a power anomaly and the start of the generator.

  • Lego Blocks from Straw

    Product Review

    While still under development, Oryzatech's Stak Block rice-straw, interlocking, highly insulating building block is an exciting product that could revolutionize the use of straw as a building material.

  • Building a Better Building Block-Pozzotive Plus

    Product Review

    Kingston Block & Masonry Supply has introduced a line of CMUs and concrete facing brick made with a post-consumer-recycled-glass pozzolan substituting for 30% of the portland cement as well as about 50% post-consumer recycled aggregate.

  • Silva Cell Facilitates Urban Tree Growth

    Product Review

    The Silva Cell provides a framework that supports streetscapes and paved surfaces and encloses uncompacted subsurface soil so it can be used for tree-root growth or stormwater mitigation.

  • Heat-Pump Water Heaters Ready for Prime Time

    Product Review

    Heat-pump water heaters offer significantly greater water heating efficiency than conventional electric water heaters. EBN takes a look at three new products, along with two existing products and one that is expected out soon.

  • Mineral Wool Residential and Commercial Insulation

    Product Review

    Mineral wool insulation offers a good alternative to foam-based insulation, with fewer hazardous chemicals.

  • Invelope: A Breakthrough in Exterior Commercial Wall Assemblies?

    Product Review

    Invelope is a steel and foam panel that serves as a moisture and vapor barrier, drainage plane, and insulation while also providing a mounting system for brick veneer or terra-cotta cladding.

  • Urine Separation: The Next Wave of Ecological Wastewater Treatment

    Product Review

    Urine-separating toilets offer better treatment options for both urine and feces, and they're coming to the U.S.

  • Capturing Concrete Washout Pollutants

    Product Review

    Atlantic Concrete Washout uses portable, sealed containers and specially designed trucks to collect and dispose of waste products left over after washing down concrete equipment at construction sites.

  • Convia's Energy-Management Platform

    Product Review

    Convia and Wiremold have partnered to provide a modular, highly adjustable energy distribution infrastructure and reporting tool.