Product Reviews

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Looking for information on the latest and greatest green building products? Look no further. These resources provide in-depth analysis of industry-leading products that are changing how we design and build.

You will learn about products that:

  • promote material transparency

  • tighten the building envelope

  • save water and energy

  • avoid chemicals of concern

  • enhance productivity

  • improve lighting

And just as significantly, the articles provide context, describing the status quo in the industry and why these products are important.

Not all of these products end up on Top 10 lists, however. In fact, some are exposed as greenwashing poseurs.

  • Hands-Free Parking

    Product Review

    The AutoMotion Parking System creates an automated parking garage, offering advantages including indoor environmental quality benefits.

  • New Treated Wood Uses Nonmetallic Biocides

    Product Review

    A new treated wood product in Arch Treatment Technologies' Wolmanized line uses a trio of organic biocides to protect the wood for outdoor, aboveground use.

  • LightLouver Offers Low-Profile Alternative to Light Shelves

    Product Review

    A self-contained unit designed for installation inside windows above the vision plane, the LightLouver Daylighting System effectively redirects sunlight deeper into building interiors.

  • Recycled-EPS Interior Molding

    Product Review

    Recyled polystyrene molding from Timbron International is waterproof, mold-resistant, paintable, and workable.

  • 180 Walls Sets New Standard for Green Wallcovering

    Product Review

    A woven polyester wallcovering from Milliken, 180 Walls is cost-competitive with vinyl wallcoverings and offers a number of environmental benefits that are backed up by third-party certifications.

  • Cardinal Introduces New LoE3 Glass

    Product Review

    The nation's largest manufacturer of low-emissivity glass for residential windows has introduced an improved triple-coated glass, now being used by several window makers.

  • Cold Climate Heat Pump Redux

    Product Review

    The two-stage high-capacity cold-climate heat pump that was introduced in 2004 and then discontinued in 2005 is back, and from more than one company.

  • Fiber-Optic Luminaire Mixes Sun and Electric Light

    Product Review

    A new system from Sunlight Direct includes a roof-mounted concentrating mirror that tracks the sun, fiber-optic cables, and conventional-looking light fixtures on the ceiling that deliver a calibrated mix of sunlight and electrical light.

  • New Admixture Solves Concrete's Weaknesses

    Product Review

    A new concrete admixture, Hycrete, could come to replace a variety of waterproofing and corrosion-proofing membranes and coatings applied to concrete.

  • Delta-Dry Takes New Approach to Housewrap

    Product Review

    A new entry in the category of housewraps offering a textured drainage surface, Delta-Dry housewrap is also vapor-impermeable.