Product Reviews

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Looking for information on the latest and greatest green building products? Look no further. These resources provide in-depth analysis of industry-leading products that are changing how we design and build.

You will learn about products that:

  • promote material transparency

  • tighten the building envelope

  • save water and energy

  • avoid chemicals of concern

  • enhance productivity

  • improve lighting

And just as significantly, the articles provide context, describing the status quo in the industry and why these products are important.

Not all of these products end up on Top 10 lists, however. In fact, some are exposed as greenwashing poseurs.

  • Zurn Offers Urinal With a Pint-Sized Flush

    Product Review

    The new EcoVantage urinal from Zurn flushes with an eighth of a gallon of water.

  • 3form Takes Recycled Content to 100 Percent

    Product Review

    Building on the success of its Varia panels with 40% recycled plastic content, 3form has announced 100 Percent, a new line of panels made with 100% post-consumer HDPE.

  • Unique American Teak Offers FSC-Certified Flooring

    Product Review

    A new supplier is offering prefinished teak flooring from Costa Rica certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

  • High-Efficiency Refrigerators and Freezers from SunDanzer

    Product Review

    SunDanzer offers small, DC-powered, highly insulated refrigerators and freezers.

  • Climate Energy Brings Combined Heat and Power Home

    Product Review

    The idea of combining electricity generation with the production of useful heat-referred to as combined heat and power (CHP) or cogeneration-has long been attractive. Now, after many false starts, a viable residential-scale CHP system is about to enter the market.

  • Nail Kicker Aids Wood Reuse

    Product Review

    A pneumatic tool that aids salvage and reuse of wood, the Nail Kicker has recently been reissued.

  • Arreis Nonformaldehyde MDF from SierraPine

    Product Review

    Responding to growing concerns about formaldehyde, including a likely phaseout of urea-formaldehyde panel products in California, SierraPine, Ltd., has added a new MDF to its no-added-formaldehyde MDF product family.

  • Wind Turbines on the Parapet

    Product Review

    AeroVironment, Inc., is introducing a new approach to small-scale wind generation that takes advantage of the rush of wind as it crests a building's facade.

  • Full Line of Residential LED Lighting Arrives

    Product Review

    In June 2006, Permlight Products, Inc., and Progress Lighting announced the introduction of a complete line of LED residential lighting products. To be sold as the HI-EF line, the licensing of Permlight's Enbryten Down line promises high-efficacy luminaires that meet strict California energy standards.

  • Triton Logging Recovers Underwater Forests

    Product Review

    Triton Logging, Inc., of British Columbia has brought to market environmentally-friendly lumber from forests flooded by reservoirs; standing trees are recovered using the company's unique Sawfish submarine harvester.