Water Efficiency

Photo: Ospr3yy. License: CC BY-SA 3.0.


For years, the U.S. has taken water for granted. Low prices and a lack of regulation have led to massive waste, poor infrastructure, and the illusion that we have an endless supply.

But that mindset is changing. We’ve seen drought in the Southwest U.S., water rationing in California, dwindling aquifers, and contaminated water supplies. These problems are not going to be solved by drilling deeper wells.

Water-saving appliances, improved wastewater treatment, and higher performance goals can all mitigate the damage. Here you’ll find resources on products and strategies you need to achieve these goals.

  • Bringing Water Back into the Discussion


    Most Americans treat freshwater as if it were limitless and free, even as water shortage is becoming a reality in many areas of the United States. But there are many cost-effective ways to reduce that consumption.