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Updated 3/20/2014

Live webcast: Why it costs less to save 60% energy than 20%

All too often, what's good for building performance is seen as bad for the client's budget. But designing for high performance can actually reduce first costs as well as operating costs. Learn more and register

Designing for Future Weather

On demand

This BuildingGreen webcast assembles three top experts who will help you not only to understand how climate change will affect your projects, but also how to incorporate that information into the design process. BuildingGreen members register free.

Healthy Insulation, Buildable Details

In a one-hour on-demand webcast, architect Steve Baczek and BuildingGreen’s Peter Yost present 3 residential case studies on how insulation materials were selected to meet big-picture environmental concerns—and how the specified materials were incorporated into high-performance assemblies. Registrants will receive a copy of BuildingGreen's new 92-page special report on evaluating and selecting insulation materials for specific applications. Learn more and register for the webcast.

Will increased product transparency put designers at greater legal risk?

In a 1-hour on-demand webcast, an all-star panel of 3 chief legal officers at major architectural firms clarifies which issues truly are ones to look out for, and which aren't. Download this important discussion.

Available On-Demand: LEED v4 Webcast

Get quickly up to speed on the credit requirements that will define your projects for years to come with this on-demand, LEEDuser members-only webcast. Includes 1-hour presentation, downloadable PDF of webcast slides, the special report New Concepts in LEED v4, and 1 self-reportable hour toward LEED AP credential maintenance.

Get The Missing Manual

Do you know which LEED credits have the most LEED Interpretations and addenda, and which have none? The Missing Manual does. Check here first to see where you need to update yourself, and share the link with your team.

Managing LEED Costs

Experienced cost estimators evaluate hundreds of specific technologies and approaches that teams are using right now to earn points in LEED-NC. Learn more about your best options for achieving specific LEED-NC credits -- and the cost implications of those options.

LEED-Existing Buildings readiness review

Identify the EBOM credits that are within easy reach — and learn the steps to achieve the hard ones.

What Makes a Building Product Green?

See GreenSpec's criteria for every major building product category.

How to Select Windows: Understanding 7 key decision drivers

The latest BuildingGreen special report includes:

  • Anatomy of a high-performance window
  • How to use NFRC ratings
  • The framework you need to make informed choices on windows
  • Smart strategies that save money

See the complete table of contents

For Educators: Free Green Building Course Syllabus

Sign up for a free campus-wide trial of BuildingGreen Suite and get a sustainable-design syllabus outline.

Gutex Ultratherm Roof Insulation and Underlayment —

Ultratherm is a moisture-resistant, rigid roof insulation and underlayment made from 95% wood fiber, 4% polyurethane binders, and 0.5% paraffin. Manufactured in Germany, these panels are engineered…

Gutex Multitherm Weather Resistant Wood Insulation —

Multitherm is a moisture-resistant, breathable, rigid insulation and weather-resistive-barrier made from 95% wood fiber, 4% polyurethane binders, and 0.5% paraffin. Manufactured in Germany, these…

Panasonic ECO-i VRF Systems —

Panasonic’s ECO-i VRF (variable refrigerant flow) systems provide ductless heating and cooling for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. The ECO-i is available in a variety of sizes,…

Pansonic Mini- and Multi-Split Systems —

Panasonic’s ductless mini- and multi-split heating and air-conditioning units are made for residential and light commercial applications. The mini-split (or "single split") air conditioners come in…

LG Split Systems —

LG’s “Duct-Free Split” (DFS) systems supply air conditioning and heating for residential and light commercial applications. A variety of wall and ceiling mounted single-zone (mini-slit) systems are…

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6 Ways Our Household is Saving Water—And Energy

Author name:  Alex Wilson Blog Category:  Energy Solutions GreenSpec Insights Saving energy isn’t only about using less electricity and fuel; it’s about saving water. Our 1.75 gpm Kohler Bancroft showerhead.Photo…

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Get Ready for LEED v4

If you’re accustomed to looking for products that earn LEED points by checking boxes for recycled content, regional materials, and other single attributes used in previous versions of LEED, the MR category in LEED v4 can be pretty disorienting.
See our free webcast and crash course

Start Your LEED-EBOM Off Right with Our Stress Test

Looking for LEED documentation? LEEDuser's Documentation Toolkits offer credit-by-credit samples and templates, as well as actual LEED Online form samples

LEEDuser Forum

CO2-eq emissions reduction
in NC 2009 EAp2: Minimum Energy Performance
4:43 AM

RE: Polluted well water use
in EBOM 2009 WEp1: Minimum Indoor Plumbing Fixture and Fitting Efficiency
4:10 AM

RE: furnitures installed before the flush out
in NC 2009 IEQc3.2: Construction Indoor Air Quality Management Plan—Before Occupancy
2:26 AM

RE: Entry Matt Cleaning Requirements
in NC v2.2 EQc5: Indoor Chemical and Pollutant Source Control
Tuesday, 10:09 PM

LEED Baundary Campus - parking lot
in MPR3: Must use a reasonable site boundary
Tuesday, 7:09 PM

Walking path through another building
in NC 2009 SSc4.1: Alternative Transportation—Public Transportation Access
Tuesday, 7:05 PM

RE: VOC testing method
in NC 2009 IEQc4.1: Low-Emitting Materials—Adhesives and Sealants
Tuesday, 6:32 PM

RE: Multiple Buildings
in EBOM-v4: Indoor water use reduction
Tuesday, 5:53 PM

RE: LZ1 vs LZ2 vs LZ3
in NC 2009 SSc8: Light Pollution Reduction
Tuesday, 4:42 PM

RE: Discharging the rainwater to municipality facilities.
in CS 2009 SSc6.1: Stormwater Design—Quantity Control
Tuesday, 3:47 PM

Is PVC Banned in LEED v4?

Author name:  Tristan Roberts and Paula Melton Blog Category:  BuildingGreen Talks LEED BuildingGreen's Top Stories Is LEED v4 leading architects to arbitrarily avoid PVC, to the detriment of their projects? The Vinyl…

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Go with the Flows: The Promise and Peril of Hygrothermal Modeling

Go with the Flows: The Promise and Peril of Hygrothermal Modeling

Tools modeling heat and moisture flows in building envelopes, such as WUFI, offer vital information for architects and engineers—but their misuse can do harm.

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“I hope ... that you will be able to support naming the Green Globes rating system as one that DOE should add to their list of approved rating systems for federal agencies.”

— Erin Shaffer, vice president for federal outreach at the Green Building Initiative, in an email to a federal official

From Feds and Green Building: Behind the Scenes of of LEED, Green Globes Rulemaking