EEBA Builder’s Guides:
A 4-Volume Series for Cold, Mixed-Humid, Hot-Humid, and Hot-Dry & Mixed-Dry Climates

In 1997 ( EBN Vol. 6, No. 5), we gave a pretty hearty thumbs-up to Joe Lstiburek’s Builder’s Guide: Cold Climates. It just gets better—that book has been updated and included in this new series from EEBA for the four climate zones covering North (and Central) America. Few building scientists are more qualified or more willing than Lstiburek to put into print the text and detailed illustrations needed for merging the worlds of building and science. Not everyone may appreciate the no-holds-barred Lstiburek writing style, but just about every builder and architect will appreciate the quality and number of schematics—for everything from wall assemblies to flashing, from foundation drainage to duct sealing.

Some significant changes have been made to the guides. Chapters on Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) and Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) systems have been added to the Cold Climate Guide, and a new section on alternatives to wood and masonry—SIP, ICF, and precast autoclaved aerated concrete (PAAC)—has been added to the Hot-Humid Guide. Those alternative systems plus straw-bale construction have been added to the Hot-Dry & Mixed-Dry Climate Guide. All the new material sections come with the same painstakingly rendered details and schematics that are now a trademark of these how-to guides. Lstiburek has also added a short section to each of the guides on proper handling of materials on the job site, in his inimitable way:


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