Water Use Reduction

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Projects earn points by installing plumbing fixures that use less water than the defined baseline.

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Project Image: 20 River Terrace – The Solaire
(360,000 sq. feet) (33,000 sq. meters)
Multi-unit residential
Project Image: 221 Molalla
(34,000 sq. feet) (3,200 sq. meters)
Retail, Commercial office
Project Image: 30 Hudson Street
(1,600,000 sq. feet) (140,000 sq. meters)
Commercial office
Project Image: AFWA HQ
(190,000 sq. feet) (17,000 sq. meters)
Military base, Commercial office
Project Image: Alberici Corporate Headquarters
(110,000 sq. feet) (10,000 sq. meters)
Commercial office
The Solaire at 20 River Terrace is a 27-story, 293-unit, glass-and-brick residential tower in Batter...
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