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Low Climate Impact of New Blowing Agents Confirmed

Environmental Building News—March 1, 2014

Glare? Overheating? Dim Sun with Thermochromic Glazing

Ravenbrick and Suntuitive offer glazing that tints under direct sunlight without electricity.
Environmental Building News—March 1, 2014

Can TimberSIL Manufacturer ‘Make It Right’?

Timber Treatment Technologies and its innovative non-toxic treated decking product are in the news again—this time over durability and performance in post-Katrina homes.
Environmental Building News—February 1, 2014

Passive House Windows and Doors Continue to Wow

Exciting new doors and windows featuring cork, composites, and low U-factors have come to U.S. markets.
Environmental Building News—February 1, 2014

Carnegie Renews Wallcovering Options with Biobased Xorel

PVC-free wallcoverings have gotten greener with a new high-performance, sugar-cane-based textile from Carnegie Fabrics.
Environmental Building News—February 1, 2014

BuildingGreen Selects Top-10 Products for 2014

Solving key design and environmental problems cost-effectively was the focus of this year’s selection by BuildingGreen’s editors of its top building products.
Environmental Building News—December 2, 2013

New Polypropylene Pipe Aims at PVC, Copper, and Steel Replacement

Using polypropylene—considered a “cleaner” plastic than PVC—Polystar is a new imported piping being marketed as an alternative in commercial applications.
Environmental Building News—December 2, 2013

Lighter, Lower-Carbon Concrete Decks with BubbleDeck

BubbleDeck’s matrix of concrete, plastic spheres, and steel reduces the amount of concrete required in structural slabs.
Environmental Building News—November 1, 2013

Façade Retrofit Puts An Efficient New Face on Old Buildings

Schüco’s ERC 50 Modernization Façade is a modular retrofit system that improves the looks and thermal performance of a building with minimal occupant disruption.
Environmental Building News—November 1, 2013

Soraa: New LED Technology With Improved Color Quality

Soraa uses a unique emitter technology that gives its MR16 lamps better color quality and performance than standard LEDs.
Environmental Building News—October 1, 2013
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