Paul Bertram



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A Distinguished Member and Fellow of the Construction Specifications Institute, a Past Institute President with a focus on building product environmental impacts, and buildings to grid energy efficiency. He has extensive background in material evaluation and material specification as well as building science fundamentals.
He led CSI in the development of GreenFomat and was a contributing authoring of the CSI Sustainable Design and Construction Practice Guide
In 2016, he was named to the Board of Directors of the National Institute of Building Sciences and liaison for BETEC (Building Enclosure Technology and Environment Council) as well as a member of the Off-Site Construction Council. He is also a participant in the US General Services GSA Buildings to Grid Advisory Committee and former board member of the Business Council for Sustainable Energy
His career began in Design & Development at Walt Disney World in Orlando
He a has a background in electricity and electronics with 6 years in the Navy as an Electrician/Electronics technician and is a Vietnam Veteran