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BuildingGreen champions the changemakers in sustainable design and building, with trusted insight, unparalleled education, and communities that are transforming the industry.

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BuildingGreen champions the changemakers in sustainable design and building.

BuildingGreen is the essential source where trusted insight resides, knowledge is shared, unparalleled education takes place, and thought leaders interact in transforming the sustainable building movement. As champions of the leaders driving meaningful change within and across the movement, we advance the progressive edge between a healthy & resilient built environment and a thriving, equitable world. That makes us your most effective partner in building excellence, furthering your career and offering supportive, encouraging communities.

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Recent Content

Feature & Spotlight Report

Build Green on a Budget: Lessons from Affordable Housing

view from above of two three-story apartment blocks, with solar covering the roofs, houses and parking lots in background
The St. Peter Apartments in New Orleans. (Photo: Michael Mantese)

Sustainability doesn’t have to cost more—and no one knows that better than affordable housing experts. But every project type can benefit from these 12 cost-reducing ideas that support people and the planet.

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Feature & Spotlight Report

Build More or Build Green? Affordable Housing’s False Choice

A graph shows increasing variability of weather conditions into the future, while the “typical meteorological year” stays flat.
Enterprise Community Development is extending the period of affordability in this Northeast D.C. community while also upgrading IEQ and efficiency. (Photo: Enterprise Community Partners. Used with permission.)

The U.S. is grappling with a housing crisis, climate change, and a legacy of racism and segregation. But we can address these problems all at once by centering community.

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News Analysis

How to Use the Right Tools to Design for Climate Change

A graph shows increasing variability of weather conditions into the future, while the “typical meteorological year” stays flat.
Future weather files show the number of extreme heat days for Sacramento, California, drastically increasing by the end of the century, up to over 50 days per year. The industry-standard TMY files, however, put this figure at just 6 days. (Source: University of Minnesota Climate Adaptation Partnership and HGA )

Weather files that help designers plan for climate change will soon be readily available. But legal liability remains until ASHRAE catches up.

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Product Review

On-demand Water Heat Goes All Electric with Heat Pumps, CO₂

diagram showing the heat exchangers and other parts inside the Intellihot iE3 commercial water heater.
Intellihot’s iE1 Electron transfers heat energy from its CO₂-based heat pump into a thermal battery, eliminating the typical water tank and associated standby losses. (Intellihot Inc. Marketing Department)

Intellihot electrifies commercial water heating using heat pumps, CO₂ refrigerant, thermal batteries, and no need for water storage.

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Inflation Reduction Act Collection: Guidance & Case Studies

Colored 100 dollar banknote fragment. (Photo: RL Photography)

The IRA may be revolutionizing green building. Learn how to leverage this generational funding to curtail carbon and elevate equity.

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