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"The House at Cornell Tech" is a 26-story, 270-foot-tall building in New York City, designed by Handel Architects. It is the world’s first high-rise residential building to earn Passive House certification. (Photo: Field Condition)

When Passive House Goes Big

By James Wilson

More projects are proving Passive House is achievable for large urban buildings and providing lessons for a low-energy, resilient future.

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How a Hurricane Forged New Hope for Resilience

Maria is inspiring design that has the next hurricane in mind. Read more »

Anaerobic Digesters: Turning Food Waste into Energy

In an industry first, Impact Bioenergy has developed small-scale anaerobic digesters that reduce waste and produce methane to generate heat and energy. Read more »

Trump Imposes Tariffs on Imported Solar Panels

The Solar Energy Industry Association says the trade barriers will cost 23,000 jobs. Read more »

Materials Transparency & LEED WEBCAST

In this 50-minute webcast, BuildingGreen President Nadav Malin will show you which LEED v4 Materials & Resources (MR) credits your project can easily achieve, and what you need to know to get them. Read more »

Well-being at Work Comes from Good Design

Office design can enhance wellness, productivity, and cost savings, according to research from ASID. Read more »

California Finally “Bans the Bulb”

California’s new lighting standard has performance metrics that incandescent bulbs can’t meet, effectively banning the bulb in the state. Read more »

Energy Grades to Be Posted in NYC

Whether it earns an A or an F, each building in New York City has to display its energy grade. Read more »

Urgent: Zero-Carbon Buildings Needed

The UN issues an emergency call to action for the building industry: build to zero-carbon standards and retrofit existing stock. Read more »

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