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BuildingGreen champions the changemakers in sustainable design and building, with trusted insight, unparalleled education, and communities that are transforming the industry.

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BuildingGreen champions the changemakers in sustainable design and building.

BuildingGreen is the essential source where trusted insight resides, knowledge is shared, unparalleled education takes place, and thought leaders interact in transforming the sustainable building movement. As champions of the leaders driving meaningful change within and across the movement, we advance the progressive edge between a healthy & resilient built environment and a thriving, equitable world. That makes us your most effective partner in building excellence, furthering your career and offering supportive, encouraging communities.

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Feature article + Spotlight Report

Wood: Is It Still Good? Part Two: Moving from Carbon to Climate

Aerial view of a bare trees and a snow-covered forest floor. Barely visible near the center is a small logging excavator.
Timberdoodle Farm uses what Katrina Amaral describes as “a quirky set of woods equipment”—like the barely visible logging excavator here, which is aptly named Kitten. Miles Amaral, Katrina’s spouse and business partner, customizes the machinery to achieve the lowest possible impact. (Photo: Joe Klementovich)

Many people hope mass timber will drive decarbonization—but scaling that up could make things worse. Instead of embodied carbon alone, “climate-smart” practices focus on our increasingly fragile forests.

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Building Decarbonization: How LCA and EPDs Fit in

Building Decarbonization: How LCA and EPDs Fit in

Life-cycle assessment and environmental product declarations reveal embodied carbon and other impacts, but it’s important to know their limits.

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Feature article + Spotlight Report

Wood: Is It Still Good? Part One: Embodied Carbon

Holmes Stream Community Forest is managed specifically as bird habitat under a songbird management plan, according to the New England Forestry Foundation.
(Photo: Michael Perlman/New England Forestry Foundation)

Wood products are widely regarded as carbon neutral—or even better. With new research challenging that idea, a more cautious approach is emerging. Because the climate stakes are too high for us to get this wrong.

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Inflation Reduction Act Collection: Guidance & Case Studies

Colored 100 dollar banknote fragment. (Photo: RL Photography)

The IRA may be revolutionizing green building. Learn how to leverage this generational funding to curtail carbon and elevate equity.

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Feature article + CEU Spotlight Report

The Missing Embodied Carbon Link: Construction

Turner charges its fleet of electric trucks. Prioritizing the use of efficient, preferably electric vehicles and equipment, is crucial to decarbonizing the jobsite.
Large construction site including several cranes working on a building complex, illumined by warm gold sunlight. (Photo: Smileus)

Some researchers say construction emissions could account for as much as 30% of a project’s embodied carbon. What can be done about it?

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Feature article + Spotlight Report

Keeping PFAS Forever Chemicals out of Building Products

PFAS free woven textiles by Designtex
New woven textiles from Designtex are PFAS free and are engineered to withstand cleaning and disinfecting while maintaining their look and feel. (Photo: Designtex)

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) have been linked to negative health and environmental impacts. Getting them out of our building products is going to require work.

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