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Driving to Green Buildings: The Transportation Energy Intensity of Buildings

By Alex Wilson and Paula Melton

The energy used traveling to and from an average office building—its transportation energy intensity—can be greater than the energy used to run it. Read more »

BuildingGreen Announces Top 10 Products for 2019

Our selection of innovative Top 10 product selections promote alternative energy use, reduce carbon emissions, and improve product life cycles. Read more »

Saving Energy in Supermarkets with Vacuum-Insulated Glass

Vacuum-insulated glass offers outstanding performance with an airless space just ¼ mm thick. It’s finally coming to windows but already here for cooler doors. Read more »

Zinc Batteries without Lead or Lithium Ion

NantEnergy’s Zinc–Air battery is made from common materials and does not use lithium or lead, yet can provide energy storage for large renewable energy projects. Read more »

California Law Bans Future Flame Retardants

By prohibiting whole classes of chemicals, the legislation aims to reduce regrettable substitutions. Read more »

“Grid Optimal” Buildings Can Smooth Transition to Renewables

A new initiative helps solve problems that arise between utilities and their customers when electricity users are also electricity suppliers. Read more »

A Net-Zero Certification from USGBC

Buildings must be LEED certified and can choose among net-zero energy, water, waste, or carbon. Read more »

Materials Transparency & LEED WEBCAST

In this 50-minute webcast, BuildingGreen President Nadav Malin will show you which LEED v4 Materials & Resources (MR) credits your project can easily achieve, and what you need to know to get them. Read more »

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Paula Melton and Peter Yost discuss their process of writing a feature article about building failure.

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NEW: Our printable Spotlight Reports are a great way to dive deep into BuildingGreen’s latest research.

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