Multicrystalline PV cells are less efficient but less expensive than monocrystalline, making them a good choice for larger rooftop applications like this one at University of California, Davis. (Photo: Sunpower)

Five Reasons to Be Optimistic About Solar Energy

By Brent Ehrlich

Commercial-scale solar energy, buoyed by battery storage, is continuing to grow, redefining how we produce and use energy.

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Material Transparency for LEED v4: EPDs and HPDs for Metal Studs

Reducing your building’s carbon footprint or health impacts? Going after new LEED credits? Anne Hicks Harney explains why transparency documents for steel studs can help. Read more »

Farming in Cities Worth $33 Billion a Year

Urban agriculture provides more than food. One study says expanding it could generate a lot of value for both cities and the globe. Read more »

San Francisco Sets High Bar for Carpet

Carpet installed in public projects must be Cradle to Cradle certified and meet other specifications for health and sustainability. Read more »

Mass Timber to Be Recognized in Washington Code

Supporters hope a new law will increase tall wood construction in the state. Read more »

Green Building Training for Low-Income Communities

In Chattanooga and Baltimore, green building skills are coming to those of lesser means. Read more »

2018 AIA COTE Top Ten Build Community

This year’s AIA COTE winning projects combine small ecological footprints with big social benefits. Read more »

Materials Transparency & LEED WEBCAST

In this 50-minute webcast, BuildingGreen President Nadav Malin will show you which LEED v4 Materials & Resources (MR) credits your project can easily achieve, and what you need to know to get them. Read more »

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Paula Melton and Peter Yost discuss their process of writing a feature article about building failure.

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2018 AIA COTE Top Ten

This year’s AIA COTE winning projects combine small ecological footprints with big social benefits.

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