Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston suffered power losses and flooding during Tropical Storm Alison in 2001, but it withstood Hurricane Harvey in 2017 thanks to numerous improvements and preparatory measures. (Photo: Memorial Hermann)

When Hurricane Harvey Hit, the Texas Medical Center Stood Ready

By Nancy Eve Cohen

At the biggest medical complex in the world, hard-won lessons learned from Tropical Storm Allison kept Hurricane Harvey’s floodwaters at bay.

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Elevated New Orleans Buildings Pass a Flood Test

A housing project that replaced one damaged by Hurricane Katrina was designed high enough to withstand a flood last year. Read more »

Instructions on Rebuilding a Resilient Puerto Rico

A manual on building disaster-resistant homes will be published in 2019. Read more »

Polystyrene Insulations Are Now HBCD-Free

Dow and Owens Corning have joined the EPS industry in eliminating the hazardous halogenated flame retardant HBCD from their XPS insulation. Read more »

From Norway, A New Standard for Energy-Positive Design

Powerhouse buildings are designed to offset their full life-cycle energy costs. Read more »

Can Buildings Teach Sustainable Behavior?

Recent studies explore whether school buildings designed for high performance help students learn to think and act sustainably. Read more »

When Investing in Energy Retrofits Makes Sense

Thoughtful analysis and spending across the portfolio can result in bigger savings, says the Rocky Mountain Institute. Read more »

Gym in California Partly Powered by Human Energy

Specially designed fitness equipment generates electricity. Read more »

Materials Transparency & LEED WEBCAST

In this 50-minute webcast, BuildingGreen President Nadav Malin will show you which LEED v4 Materials & Resources (MR) credits your project can easily achieve, and what you need to know to get them. Read more »

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