Net-Zero Energy & Renewables

U.S. Department of Energy (public domain)

Net-zero energy use is the ability of a building to supply its own energy over the course of a year by using renewables (typically onsite renewables, though some definitions include offsite procurement).

Alternative energy sources like photovoltaics are becoming more affordable, increasing the possibility that a building project can achieve net-zero energy. And as more buildings use renewables along with storage technologies, there are opportunities to harmonize with the grid and use more renewable energy from there as well.

Net-Zero Energy & Renewables

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    The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) offers us a once-in-a-generation chance to equitably decarbonize the built environment and prepare communities to weather future climate threats. Will we seize that chance in time? For that to happen, it’s vital that project teams understand the rules well enough to offer and implement the right solutions.

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  • Net-Zero Energy Isn’t the Real Goal: 8 Reasons Why

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