Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency involves a set of strategies that can be used to reduce the consumption of energy—especially fossil-fuel energy—in buildings. These strategies include:

  • monitoring energy use

  • improving building commissioning

  • applying insights from building science

  • selecting innovative HVAC and building envelope technology

  • using natural ventilation and daylighting to provide low-cost alternatives to standard systems

Energy Efficiency

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  • High-Efficiency Commercial Window Inserts

    Product Review

    Alpen’s WinSert commercial window inserts significantly improve the thermal performance of aging window systems, without the cost or aesthetic concerns of full replacements.

  • An Award-Winning Energy Management Outlet

    Product Review

    RAB’s Lightcloud Outlet enables wireless monitoring and control of plug loads while allowing for demand response and other energy-saving scheduling.

  • Innovative LED Lighting from LightFair 2018

    Product Review

    The LightFair innovation award winners showcase LED lighting’s evolving technology and how its sustainability image has changed.


  • Glass Façade with Vacuum Insulation

    Product Review

    Sedak’s Isomax system incorporates vacuum insulated panels into insulated glazing units to create thin glass façades with improved thermal performance.

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  • The BuildingGreen Guide to Thermal Insulation

    Special Report

    The BuildingGreen Guide to Thermal Insulation, Fourth Edition, provides detailed guidance on insulation products and practices, including environmental and health comparisons, and recommendations on what insulation to use and what to avoid.

  • Is Using Smart Glass Smart?

    Feature Article

    Electrochromic glazing holds the promise of less glare and better energy efficiency with fewer attachments. The reality is much more complicated.

  • Net-Zero Energy Isn’t the Real Goal: 8 Reasons Why

    Feature Article

    Net-zero-energy buildings don’t always reduce carbon emissions. These are the tweaks we need to ensure they do.

  • Why Schools Are Embracing Net-Zero Energy

    Feature Article

    Schools are leading the way in net-zero energy, but some designers question whether these goals create the best learning environments. 

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