Product Manufacturers: Reduce Your Impact and See ROI

Meet the requirements for LEED, WELL, and Living Building Challenge

Buildings are only as good as the products and materials they’re made of. As leading manufacturers, you’re working constantly to optimize how those products are made, with the goal of reducing climate impacts, providing social equity, improving health, and protecting natural ecosystems. To keep doing this important work, you need to see a return on that investment. We at BuildingGreen are committed to celebrating your achievements and bringing them to the attention of the AEC community. You can help us do that by plugging into the tools and using the format that we rely on to find and verify this information.

Get the Essentials

In our Manufacturer’s Guide to a Successful Sustainability Platform, we explain the essential steps for getting your company’s products positioned for success in a health and sustainability-focused market. Whether they are using LEED, WELL, Living Building Challenge, or some other program, AEC professionals need you to:

  • Understand your life-cycle impacts and your compositional chemistry.
  • Develop HPDs, EPDs, and Declare Labels, and get certified.
  • Implement these documents into material libraries like Mindful Materials.
  • Train your sales and marketing team on how to communicate sustainability.
  • Join the Closing the Transparency Loop Movement and the Living Product 50.
  • Track sales dollars associated with sustainability to prove there is a return on investment and to ensure you’re investing in the right programs for your product category.
  • Optimize. Show how you have reduced your overall environmental and human health impacts.

How sustainable is your business?

BuildingGreen and SMSC have teamed up to create a quiz to quickly assess how far down the sustainability journey a manufacturing business is.

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Learn the Details

Our mission is to bring about a healthier relationship between human society and the natural world by helping building professionals create and nurture high-performance, resilient, and inspiring buildings and communities.

BuildingGreen mission statement

Bring In an Expert

If you could use some hands-on support entering or raising your profile in the sustainability marketplace, our friends at SMS Collaborative are the best in the business.

The Sustainability Management and Strategy Collaborative (SMS Collaborative) is a group of dedicated experts supporting manufacturing industries in going beyond impact reduction to demonstrate the business value of sustainability.

With their knowledge and network, SMS Collaborative can join your team as a contracted task force to help navigate, implement, and leverage sustainability to help reduce your impact while adding value to your business.

No matter where you are in your sustainability journey, SMS Collaborative uses its unique three-pillar framework to realize the full potential of your vision and grow your bottom line.


We guide our clients in evaluating the current market and competitive landscape in order to develop a strategic roadmap.

Goal: Evaluate the current market trends, trajectories and competitive landscape from a sustainability expert’s perspective in order to develop a strategic roadmap to tackle sustainability, ensure maximum ROI, and be prepared for the future.


We work with our clients to implement sustainability strategy and execute program initiatives.

Goal: We become the personalized sustainability task force for the clients we serve. We work as coaches, brand ambassadors and long-term contractors to implement various sustainability strategies and execute program initiatives.


We leverage the sustainability achievements of our clients to drive return on investment.

Goal: Support you in developing your external sustainability message, training your sales team so they can talk the talk, and connecting you with our network of sustainable purchasers in order to ensure return on your investment in sustainability.

Free, on-demand webcast

Annie Bevan of SMS Collaborative offers guidance to building product manufacturers who want to reach sustainability-minded customers.

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If we all saw ROI for sustainability, there would be no stopping us all in our continued investment, creating further impact reduction while thriving as a business in the building industry. This is what we’re here to do—to show that impact reduction has an ROI.”

Annie Bevan, CEO & Founder, SMS Collaborative

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