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LEED and WELL Product Labels: A Guide and Analysis

What’s up with all the programs encouraged by LEED and WELL? Learn the essentials—plus what’s behind the labels.

A seal of approval is a useful guide. It lets you know at a glance that a product meets a trusted source’s standards for performance. But in a sea of logos, any particular program becomes harder to discern and understand.

LEED and WELL encourage a number of different product standards, certifications, and disclosures—so many that it’s easy to forget some or get them confused. Organized by credit, this report covers product labels referenced in LEED v4 and v4.1 for Building Design and Construction, and WELL v1 and v2. It will help you get your bearings while also offering an analysis of each program.

Interface carpet with EPD

Many Interface carpet products are covered by environmental product declarations.

Photo: Interface

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Originally published January 7, 2019 Reviewed December 21, 2021

Melton, P. (2021, December 21). LEED and WELL Product Labels: A Guide and Analysis. Retrieved from https://www.buildinggreen.com/feature/leed-and-well-product-labels-guide-and-analysis