Paula Melton

white woman with curly, shoulder-length gray hair
Editorial Director

Paula is an accomplished writer and speaker who brings passion, humor, and discernment to all her work.

Whether it’s a spotlight report on decarbonization, a webinar on ESG, or just a chummy email bulletin, she is ferociously committed to truth, accuracy, and thoroughly knowing her stuff. Paula manages content strategy and publications at BuildingGreen and has been a speaker at the AIA Conference on Architecture, Greenbuild, and many other venues.

Areas of special interest include:

  • social equity and environmental justice
  • industry standards and certification systems
  • building rating systems (both development and implementation), including LEED and WELL
  • regulatory issues and their influence on green building
  • forestry practices and mass timber

With an MFA in creative writing from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop—and a background in both journalism and socially responsible marketing—Paula has been researching and writing about health, sustainability, and related topics for more than 25 years.

You can follow Paula on LinkedIn for hot takes. 

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