Paula Melton

Research Analyst

Paula brings passion, humor, and discernment to all her writing and speaking. Whether it’s her latest feature article, a popular Greenbuild session, or a custom workshop for a group of manufacturers, she’s ferociously committed to truth, accuracy, and thoroughly knowing her sh*t. Areas of special interest and expertise include:

  • ingredient transparency
  • Health Product Declarations
  • life-cycle assessment and environmental product declarations
  • industry standards and certification systems
  • building rating systems (both development and implementation), including LEED v4
  • regulatory issues and their influence on green building

As Editorial Director, Paula manages ongoing content development and publications, and she helps oversee the LEEDuser website and the BuildingGreen Approved program on Designer Pages. She has been a speaker at the AIA National Convention, Greenbuild, and many other venues, and she is available for speaking gigs and workshops at your event or firm.

With an MFA in creative writing from the University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop—and a background in both journalism and socially responsible marketing—Paula has been researching and writing about health, sustainability, and related topics for more than 15 years.

When found in her native habitat, Paula is the co-parent of three children and two cats. She also serves in town government and likes to run, hike, weave, write poetry, and pass the occasional evening as a half-elf cleric named Thelonia Monk.

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BuildingGreen Services

Paula Melton is available to help your project succeed. She offers trainings, technical writing, product and material screening, public speaking, and more. 
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