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The BuildingGreen Guide to ESG

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The world’s most powerful customers are looking to rein in the excesses of their suppliers. Climate change is the likely catalyst for a recent uptick in calls for corporate transparency. But those calls are asking for a lot more than carbon footprints: people want reporting on a slew of environmental, social, and governance, or ESG, indicators.

As ESG reporting becomes more widespread, clients are asking for new design, construction, and operation interventions, often in new ways. Building product manufacturers are providing new kinds of data. And design and construction firms are wondering when and how to get on board the ESG train themselves.

In this guide filled with charts and illustrations, we offer:

  • a detailed introduction to ESG terminology, standards, and regulations

  • guidance on connecting clients’ ESG targets with specific green building strategies

  • advice on researching ESG disclosures during product selection and procurement

  • considerations for design and construction firms thinking about creating ESG programs

ESG does not change the fundamentals of sustainable design and construction. But it could change how we implement longstanding principles, and it could help us finally deploy those principles at scale.

The BuildingGreen Guide to ESG is crafted to inform newcomers about ESG concepts as well as provide deeper analysis and guidance for those already exploring the ESG landscape. 

Learning objectives

  1. Understand environmental, social, and governance (ESG) terminology, standards, and regulations, including how they are designed to bring about better environmental and social outcomes.

  2. Connect clients’ ESG targets with specific green building strategies, including those related to decarbonization, wellness, and natural resource stewardship.

  3. Research ESG disclosures during product selection and procurement to help clients invest in companies that are high performers on environmental and social metrics.

  4. Consider development of an ESG program for your firm with a goal of improving transparency as well as environmental and social performance.

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