mindful MATERIALS: Human Health

Some chemicals used in our buildings can harm factory employees, people in fenceline communities, and jobsite workers. After construction, many types of products can benefit occupants—or put them at risk. Our resources help you leverage ingredient knowledge, wellness insights, and certain certifications for human health-focused decision making. By preferring products that support and foster life throughout their life cycles, practitioners drive efforts to eliminate the use of hazardous substances.

mindful MATERIALS: Human Health

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  • Keeping PFAS Forever Chemicals out of Building Products

    Feature Article

    Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) have been linked to negative health and environmental impacts. Getting them out of our building products is going to require work.

  • Constructing Change: The Contractor’s Commitment

    Feature Article

    The Contractor’s Commitment to Sustainable Building Practices calls on construction firms to practice green building. Here’s why the whole industry needs to get behind it.

  • Is Using Smart Glass Smart?

    Feature Article

    Electrochromic glazing holds the promise of less glare and better energy efficiency with fewer attachments. The reality is much more complicated.

  • How to Access the Full Power of Biophilia

    Feature Article

     People wither physically and mentally without nature. Biophilic design is a remedy and a foundation for regenerative design all at the same time.

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  • The 12 Product Rules


    These 12 product rules provide a simple approach to selecting better, healthier, and more environmentally responsible building products and materials.

Product Guidance

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  • Acoustic Wall & Ceiling Panels

    Product Guide

    Acoustic panels with high NRC ratings and low toxicity

  • A New Glass-Infused Fire-Resistant Interior Lumber

    Product Review

    OnWood’s sodium silicate infused fire-retardant-treated-wood is a less hazardous alternative to standard products. The company’s future products will offer insect and rot resistance and hopefully FSC certification.

  • BuildingGreen Announces Top 10 Products for 2023

    Product Review

    BuildingGreen’s Top 10 industry-transforming products this year include heat pumps that use low-GWP refrigerants, products that encourage recycling and re-use, wood insulation, and more.

  • Composite Wood

    Product Guide

    Medium-density fiberboard and particleboard are non-structural panels manufactured from sawmill waste that is typically held together with phenol formaldehyde (PF), melamine formaldehyde (MF), or urea formaldehyde (UF), resins. Formaldehyde-free methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI) resins are also used.

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